Your New Downtown Redmond Lifestyle Begins with Movable

Known as the “Bicycle Capital of the Northwest,” Redmond, WA has grown by leaps and bounds over the past two decades, as people flock here to stretch their housing budget further, and also to be closer to their high-tech jobs at companies like Microsoft, Nintendo, Concur Technologies, Solstice, and many others.

Downtown Redmond’s Future

More recently, however, Redmond’s downtown district has experienced explosive growth, which has created a central hub for a vibrant urban experience. This includes a wide variety of dining, shopping, and r

ecreational activities. In fact, in addition to its existing infrastructure, downtown Redmond is in the process of constructing a 2-acre downtown park, new trails and transit connections, a blend of historic, commercial and residential spaces, 2-way travel and connected street grids, and more than 1,000 new residential units.

Moving to Downtown Redmond

As a result, more and more residents are choosing to pack up their suburban lifestyle a

nd move to downtown Redmond in order to experience all the energy and excitement. However, it’s important to keep in mind that with downtown’s extremely fast rate of growth, there are some growing pains you should expect to contend with during your move.

While the City’s overall urban renewal plan is beginning to draw to a close, some of the headaches you can expect include increased traffic, frequent detours, lane/road closures, and other minor disruptions. However, although these disruptions can seem small if you’re familiar with the area and are on your way to work, they can massively impact your plans if you’re moving to the downtown area.

On top of this, if you’re moving from a traditional suburban location to one of the mid-rise apartments downtown, it can present a whole new set of challenges that you might not have experienced before. These include loading docks, freight elevators, narrow hallways, and much more.

Who Can Help with Your Downtown Redmond Move?

Despite all the challenges that moving into an urban construction zone can bring, the good news is that Movable has a great deal of experience moving customers into downtown Redmond. We’re very familiar with the city’s layout, as well as the best ways to avoid traffic and road closures, which means that getting your belongings to your new home will go as smoothly as possible.

In addition to Movable’s familiarity with downtown Redmond, we’ll also arrive on your moving day with all the necessary equipment and tools needed to handle semi-urban moves. In fact, Movable provides such a complete moving service that you’ll simply have to show up at your new downtown Redmond residence and tell us where to put your belongings. We really do make it as simple as that.

How Can You Find Out More About Moving to Downtown Redmond?

Based out of Bellevue, WA, Movable is intimately familiar with safely, carefully, and efficiently moving our customers all over the Seattle region, including downtown Redmond.

For additional information about how Movable can make your downtown Redmond move easier, fill out a quick and easy estimate form, or call us direct at (206) 466-7710. We’d love to hear from you, and to be a small (but important) part of your new downtown Redmond lifestyle!