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If you’re moving far away, you might prefer to ship your car rather than drive it yourself. Maybe you don’t want the extra miles on your vehicle or you just don’t want to drive. Whatever your reason, our car moving company can deliver your vehicle safely and one time. In addition to our other moving services, Movable WA offers car transportation services for your convenience. If you’re looking for a car shipping company in Seattle, look no further, we’ve got you covered.

Your car is important to you, and if you’re planning a long distance move, then shipping it safely is one of your biggest concerns. We have years of experience shipping vehicles all over the nation and can deliver fast, safe car shipping service at an affordable cost. Keep reading to find out more about our car shipping services.

Car Examination

To begin the shipping process, our team of experts and mechanics will give your vehicle a thorough examination, noting any deficiencies or damage before loading the vehicle onto the truck bed. At this point it’s important that we also check with the client to ensure the vehicle’s integrity. Once we’ve reached an agreement on the state of the vehicle, it can be loaded onto the truck bed for securing.

Securing the Car

Our shipping and vehicle specialist will then position the car to make sure it’s completely secure and doesn’t move during the long journey. Next they will cover your vehicle with a weather resistant tarp, which will protect it from inclement weather as well as dirt, debris, and scratching. You will be sent a notification once your vehicle is secured and ready to be shipped.

Shipping the Car and Tracking

If at any time you want to know where exactly your vehicle is on the journey, Movable can provide you with its location. Using advanced technology and geolocation, our truck drivers and their loads are always visible on our monitors. What’s more, you can personally track your vehicle’s progress by calling our customer service hotline, which is available 24/7. We’ll also notify you when your vehicle arrives and can arrange for it to be dropped off at any location.

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Don’t wait any longer, shipping your car has never been easier with Movable. As a local moving company serving the greater Washington area for over a decade, your vehicle is safe with us. Visit us on our website to find a branch near me and learn more about our car shipping services

Little FAQs

How long will it take?

On average, it takes our company between two to three weeks to transport a vehicle from one side of the country to the other. However, travel time can vary based on the destination and weather conditions.

What if my car gets damaged?

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes a vehicle will be damaged during transport. If this happens, make sure to note the damage on the final bill before signing. If you fail to fill out the damage on the final bill, we are not responsible for any further damage claims. This form is what is known as a bill of lading and frees the transport company of any liability once it is signed upon delivery.

Will my car be insured?

Yes, your vehicle will be insured during transportation while in our care. Part of the bill that you receive includes temporary vehicle insurance for transportation.

Can I pack household items in my car?

Yes, you many pack extra household items in your vehicle, but they must remain locked in the trunk. Due to interstate transport regulations, items are prohibited from being stored within the vehicle cab. If department of transportation officials notice such items, they will fine the transport company which will then add this extra charge to your bill.