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Have you already decided which strategy to choose when moving? According to statistics, many believe that everything can be arranged independently. What is so difficult here? It is enough to find a couple of boxes, pack your things in them and go into a new life. But in practice, this simplicity is real only for those who leave the office. Then the person puts their documents and stationery in a small box and leaves. But when you move to a new apartment, or even more difficult, to a new private house, you won’t get off with a couple of boxes.

Often, those who move make gross mistakes that lead to damage to property, its loss, chaos and the inability to put everything in its place. But it is very important to consider when moving.

  • What things will you need first?
  • How to pack fragile items such as glass, LCD-TV, mirrors, dishes?
  • How to transport houseplants?
  • How to compactly pack all your belongings into boxes?
  • How to mark boxes so that you can find everything transported later?
  • How to disassemble furniture and pack household appliances?

And there may be another million such nuances! But all of them will be taken into account if a professional moving company gets down to business.

5 Reasons to Choose Our Moving Company in Gig Harbor

  • Fast service providing.
  • Carefulness and politeness of the staff.
  • High qualification of our professionals.
  • Low pricing.
  • No advanced payments required.

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The Best Option for Those Who Need to Relocate Quickly

Among all the movers in Gig Harbor it is hard to choose the one with a perfect balance of high-quality and an affordable price. It is hard but it is real. Welcome the Movable company, your Gig Harbor moving company with the best conditions ever.

We are pleased to present you with a wide range of our services aimed at making your move fast, comfortable and hassle-free. Movable is a company that stands out from other Gig Harbor movers. It simultaneously adheres to the following service standards:

  • High quality of each service. Starting from the manager’s consultation, ending with the arrangement of the transported things at the new address, everything is done from the heart, and as we would have done for ourselves.
  • Moving speed. We do not force our clients to wait for weeks for a window in our schedule to become free. You can order an urgent move one day in advance – and we will provide you with it.
  • Attention and responsibility for order fulfillment. Our specialists are not just professional movers, but also very polite and responsible people who maintain high standards of communication with clients.
  • A wide range of services, from preparatory work for the collection, uninstallation and packaging of your belongings to the assembly of furniture and installation of communications in your new home or office.

Service List of Movable Relocation Company

Our moving company in Gig Harbor, Washington provides the widest range of services among all local movers in Gig Harbor, WA.

With us, you can move to every place on the area map without trouble. One of the most required services we offer is a turnkey moving that includes all stages of preparation, transportation and unpacking on a new place. Full service from our movers for the loyal cost is a good option for busy people.

You are also welcome to choose custom services to your choice.

  • Calculating costs of your moving and developing a full-fledged plan on how to manage it.
  • Collecting all belongings in your apartments, sorting them and packing in our packaging materials.
  • Deinstallation of plumbing, electricity, heating.
  • Disassembly of furniture.
  • Transporting all belongings in a safe mode to a new place.
  • Rising all boxes and furniture on the floor.
  • Installation of engineering communications and furniture.
  • Unpacking boxes with your belongings.

All these are available for our customers.