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Commercial movers

Movable has been handling moves of all sizes in the greater Washington area for several decades now. Not only do provide services for individuals and families, but we’re also a commercial moving company. We’ve helped several large businesses relocate all across the country. When it comes to commercial movers, Movable WA has the experience to make your business relocation hassle-free. What separates us from other local commercial movers is our commitment to customer satisfaction and openness about costs. Honesty is our policy, that means that we’ll give you a price estimate up front. We don’t tack on surprise fees at the end of a job. At Movable, you only pay what we say.

We believe in working closely with our commercial clients to ensure a stress-free move and seamless transition to a new location. We’ll cooperate with you to make an individualized plan for which of our moving services fits your vision and budget. As our past commercial customers have come to find out, our staff is personable and professional and ready to provide your business with a worry-free relocation experience.

Here, we’ll give you a closer look at our commercial moving services, as well as take you through the steps of the moving process. Keep reading to discover what the commercial movers at Movable can do for your business.

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What our commercial movers will do for you

Here are a few of our most popular commercial moving services. Our advanced moving techniques have been developed over time and experience. There’s no moving task too big for us to handle. At Movable, we’re truly full service movers.

Interoffice Moving

Sometimes, a simple move between offices can be just as much work as a move to another building or city. Relocation is always a big job, even if it’s only in the same building. While you won’t be needing trucks or other big equipment, we can give you a hand with smaller tasks, such as filing records, assembling and disassembling furniture, and storage offsite. If you have any other interoffice moving needs, just ask, we’d be glad to accommodate you.

Facilities Moving

Movable is one of the most experienced and affordable commercial movers in the nation. We’ve mastered all kinds of commercial moving, and relocating facilities is one of our areas of
expertise. Our facilities moving services include: records moving, storage options, secure record storage options, local and national office relocation, and much more. We’ve got facility relocation down to a science, just ask any of our satisfied customers and they’ll tell you how easy it was to relocate with Movable.

Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly

If you’ve never moved a business before, you’d be surprised how different it is from a residential move. One the one hand, the furniture is uniform, most everyone has the same tables, chairs and desks. On the other hand, it can be difficult to organize, transport, and then set up the furniture the correct way. We have years of experience disassembling and reassembling office furniture. You’ll be surprised how quickly we can break down and set up your office space, whether it’s made up of cubicles, desks, or a more diverse furniture.

Moving Process

From start to finish, Movable will work closely with your managers to ensure the minimum amount of down time and a return to normal working conditions as soon as possible. We take care of all the planning and preparation. By the time you’re ready to move, we’ll have already worked out a detailed moving schedule for your ultimate approval.

Here are the major steps in the commercial moving process:

  • Business needs analysis
  • Price quote
  • Pre-move planning and plan finalization
  • Packing and labeling office items
  • Moving, to include furniture disassembly and reassembly, packing, transport, unloading, set up
  • Final review

Why is our commercial moving company the best

Movable is your local moving company with both residential and commercial moving services. With years of experience, we have the equipment, staff, and expertise to make your commercial move a painless process. If you’re looking for a commercial moving company near you, visit us at ​​. We’ll be glad to answer questions you have about relocating your business.