Rental market is shifting. Is it a good time to move into a new place?

There were multiple news and reports from housing experts addressing the impact of the pandemic on the real estate market. Many Americans are moving from big and expensive cities to cheaper areas due to social-distancing regulations and a surge in remote work.

Due to increased demand, some less expensive cities in Washington like Tacoma and Olympia, have seen rental prices go up. According to the market reports, the average rent for an apartment in Tacoma is $1,419, which is a 5% increase comparing to last year, and the average rent for an apartment in Olympia is $1,335 increase of 7%.

However, the situation in other cities with higher rental costs a bit different. Seattle and Bellevue are just two examples of hundreds of big cities where the rental prices decreased. The average one apartment rent in Seattle is a bit over $1,928, which is around 11% decrease compared to the previous year. The average rent for an apartment in Bellevue is $2,130, 8% decrease compared to the previous year.

Brent, one of our repeat customers, took an advantage of lower prices and moved from Redmond into a new apartment in Seattle downtown. Due to the pandemic, he began to work remotely at Microsoft and decided to take this opportunity to explore Seattle and cut down on his rental expenses. Brent was able to get a 20% discount for signing a one-year lease agreement, and he has immediately scheduled his moving appointment with Movable. The move went smoothly and it took the same amount of time as the last year: three hours for the total cost of $340. Since Brent was a repeat customer, he has received an additional 5% discount.

Brent’s story is a story of thousands of repeat customers from all around the Great Puget Sound area. More than 37% of our customers either used our moving services before or were referred by a friend. The reason why is because we provide quality and reliable moving services, while our rates remaining the same for years and continue to be one of the most affordable in the Seattle-Tacoma area among licensed and insured moving companies.

Finally, Seattle and the whole Washington state are gradually opening up, and we expect a busy moving season ahead. If you plan to move soon please feel free to reach out to Movable LLC for a quick quote.

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