Bainbridge Island movers

Bainbridge Island movers

Bainbridge island movers will deliver the items with care and quickness

Binbridge Island movers

Movable guarantees the quick movement of any kind and volume of cargo from one city of Washington state to another. The professional local movers with extensive experience gained thanks to various orders completed will erase all the problems associated with moving and transporting the cargo from the shoulders of customer. Bainbridge island moving company is able to ensure the efficient delivery of any cargo amount according to the schedule set by the customer. If you do not have time to pack things and transfer things to the desired location, just contact specialists who can complete the order quickly, cheaply, regardless of the volume of cargo.

  • Moving company in Bainbridge island, WA will provide fast process of moving regardless of the volume and area of ​​cargo.
  • An unlimited number of stretch films and tape is provided free of charge when packing items.
  • The boxes of different sizes are provided for the transporting of household appliances, technical equipment, ensuring protection against damage.
  • A wardrobe for transporting clothes is provided for free, its construction will keep things looking neat and able to be used immediately after arriving at a new place.
  • The cost of gasoline for an unexpected change of route will be carried by the company.
  • Delivery of a truck of the required capacity and a couple of movers will be performed within the specified time.
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Bainbridge Island moving company

Booking time for starting the transportation

Local movers in Bainbridge island will respond to any customer’s request within the short amount of time. In order to reserve the moving just fill out an application form on the website or send the SMS or e-mail message. When filling the form, be sure to correctly input the name, surname, provide two phone numbers for emergent cases. Write the exact locations of loading and unloading cargo, convenient time to start and complete the work, the estimated area and approximate volume of transported cargo. The manager of our moving company will call you back as quickly as possible and clarify the required information. And after talking with a dispatcher do not forget to visit the website or send an SMS message, e-mail to confirm the transporting reservation.

Packing and loading at the specified time

Moving services in Bainbridge island provide the service of packing the belongings for careful delivery to the specified place. The entrusted person ensures that each item is carefully inspected before packing and is in good condition.

  • When unloading appliances, furniture things must be also carefully checked by the customer so that there are no misunderstandings.
  • All the property is packed in special boxes guaranteeing one hundred percent safety when transporting.
  • Clothing is placed in a truck in a special cabinet that provides one hundred percent safety of attractiveness and eliminates the need to wash and iron clothes after arriving at the place.
  • The furniture is wrapped with a protective film with high-quality protection against scratches and other damage to the polish.

Unloading and payment processes

While approaching the set destination, the staff sends SMS, e-mail to customer in 30-40 minutes before arrival at the specified point. Movers in Baibridge island, WA will lift things to any floor for free, install furniture according to the given instructions of the owner. Customer is only obliged to choose a form of mutual settlements, pay an insurance policy. All the issues of overtime payments, loaders’ work, solving problems on the road, liability insurance are carried out by the company without involving a customer. Using the cash, the customer receives a five percent discount since the carrier does not have to pay the bank for card service.