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When some of us are planning a move and think about all those heavy objects that need lifting, we think, no problem, I’ll just get my friends to help. Sure, friends and family can help you move large objects like furniture, but would you really trust them to move your valuables? Do you want your antique vase in the hands of a clumsy neighbor or professional furniture movers?

There’s a reason why moving companies exist, we’re experts. In addition to our full moving services, you can also hire movers to move furniture. Not only will it save your back the heavy lifting, but you’ll rest easy knowing your heavy and valuable objects are in capable hands. Let’s take a look at some of the objects you might prefer hiring Movable WA to move for you.

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When looking at your couch or bed, you might start to wonder, how did I ever fit these big pieces of furniture through my doors? Chances are you bought the furniture in convenient boxes and assembled it in place at home. If you’re going to make the move by yourself, you’ll have to do the same again. Make sure you have the right tools to disassemble and move your furniture, as well as an extra pair of hands for the really big pieces.

If this sounds like too much work for you, consider hiring our furniture movers. We use advanced tools to get the heavy lifting done safely and efficiently, with no risk of damage to your furniture.

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Big appliances moving

If your appliances are old or used, it’s probably not worth the trouble trying to move them. If you have new appliances that you want to bring along, first make sure that you are able to move them. Appliances like washers and refrigerators aren’t only big, they’re also awkward and can be heavy, up to 300 pounds even! Also, modern appliances are more delicate than older models, and require special handling and care.

The same goes for television sets. Modern smart TVs must be handled with care and properly packaged and bubble wrapped before transport. When in doubt, leave it to the professionals. Use our affordable furniture move service to get the job done correctly with no damage to your costly appliances.

Move of large instruments

For us music lovers, or parents of music lovers, large instruments can be a source of major frustration during a move. Not only are they big and awkward, but special care has to be made to not damage them. You may remember buying your son a drumset or your daughter a piano, but you don’t know how to get it out of the house. Concerning pianos, they’re by far the most difficult instrument to move. Not only will you need special equipment to move them, but several strong people as well. What’s more, a piano must be kept upright with the lid closed during transport. If you don’t have the means to do all this yourself, hire our movers for furniture to transport your instruments the right way.

Moving service for Art and Fragile Objects

After having taken care of the heavy, awkward objects, it’s time to think about the fragile ones. Valuable objects like art and heirlooms can be ruined if you don’t pack and transport them correctly. We suggest packing them tightly in bubble wrap and then insulating them in boxes with packing materials or newspaper. Once again, accidents do happen, and your friend or neighbor will never be as experienced as one of our professionals.

How much does it cost of moving furniture

The cost of moving furniture is a small price to pay when you consider how much your furniture, appliances, and other valuable objects mean to you. If you’re planning a move in the Washington area but are still undecided if you need help, visit our website for a free consultation and to find a location near me. A local moving company with years of experience, we’ll be happy to answer all your moving questions.