When it Comes to Moving, Timing is Everything

Here at Movable we’re often asked, “When is the best time to move?” Admittedly, it’s a great question, since choosing the right time for your move can often mean the difference between just a little stress, and a whole lot of it.

However, this simple question comes with a complex answer, because there are a lot of factors that go into deciding when your best moving time is. After all, what works for you may not work for someone else. For example: What part of Seattle are you moving to? Do you have children? Is your move date flexible?

With this said, let’s take a look at some of these in greater detail:

Time To Move Into Your New Seattle Home? Be Unpopular.

What we mean by this is that, if you’re looking to move with as little stress as possible, choose the least popular moving days. Meaning the days when other people are least likely to move. So what are these? Remember: “The middle.”

  • The middle of the week – Most people understandably choose the weekend to move, so if your schedule allows you to reserve something in the middle of the week, go for it!
  • The middle of the month – Whether you’re moving into a home or an apartment, and signing a mortgage or a lease, the vast majority of people move into their new digs on the first of the month. If you’re able to schedule something around the 15th, you could save yourself a lot of stress (and maybe even a little money).
  • Not the middle of the year – The summer months are almost always the busiest time of year, whether you’re self-moving or hiring professionals. This means that moving during the spring, fall, or winter (though this could mean inclement weather) are your best bets for a stress-free experience.

Also, keep in mind other factors, such whether or not your have children, as well as where you’ll be moving to. Again, timing is crucial here. For instance: During the school year, your children will be gone during the day, which could help you avoid having to pay for a babysitter while you’re moving. On the other hand, children often get out of school relatively early in the day, which means you’ll have to finish early.

Speaking of school, are you moving to an area near one of Seattle’s many universities? If so, you may want to avoid moving during the beginning or end of a semester.

Need Help Deciding On Your Best Time to Move? Call Movable Today!

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